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The Journey To Wealthwoke

The journey to Wealthwoke

I had a plan. It was a good plan. It’s the same plan that millions of kids have had for hundreds of years. Get an education, see the world, find a job, climb the corporate ladder, maybe leave your brick-in-the-wall job in a fit of rage and determination, start your own company, work like crazy to build it into something great, sell it for lots of money, sail off into the sunset.

And man, I thought I was crushing that plan. In 2017, by the age of 40, I had completed all the above steps, most notably selling my strategic communications agency to one of the world’s largest advertising networks for a pretty tidy sum.

Time to sail off into the sunset right? It’s here is where the shortcomings of my masterplan were exposed.

Firstly, I don’t like to sail – so heading off into the sunset on some overpriced, shark food container held no appeal for me.

Secondly, having finally come up for breath, I found myself wrestling with some unfamiliar thoughts – purpose, authenticity, happiness. Like many entrepreneurs or corporate execs, when I first started out, I had plenty of passion for the work I was doing. But as my business and responsibilities grew, it became more and more about the numbers, rather than the work. My stress and anxiety levels soared, I was struggling to sleep and my health and relationships suffered. I no longer felt that there was any purpose to the work I was doing and all I could think about was getting to the finish line. I started to realise that in my all-out effort to achieve my financial goals, I was neglecting most other aspects of my life.

Fortunately, due the sale of my business, I was able to exit before I completely lost the plot. Over the last year, I have had the time to explore what wealth really means to me. It has become clear that making more and more money cannot be the ultimate goal in and of itself. Rather, I have come to believe in the importance of understanding what kind of life I want to lead and goals I would like to achieve.

A big part of this has been the realisation that financial wealth is only one dimension of wealth. Having a boatload of money in the bank is useless if the physical, spiritual, career, relationship and community dimensions of your wealth paradigm are broken.

My experience in both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds has shown me that these are feelings that many seemingly successful people grapple with at some point in their lives.

I created Wealthwoke to help us explore some of the fundamental questions around this broader concept of wealth. These include:

  • How do I identify my life goals and then invest, protect and manage my money in order to achieve theme?
  • How do I find purpose in my life and hopefully make a positive impact on this world?
  • What kind of fun stuff can I do with my money that enhances my other wealth dimensions, such as relationships, health and spirituality?
  • Are the above concepts mutually exclusive or is there a way to effectively integrate them to create a prosperous, meaningful and happy existence (I really hope so).

I invite you to join me on this journey where I will share my own thoughts as well as pick the brains of fellow Wealthwokers and subject matter experts ranging from investment specialists, financial planners, business leaders, social entrepreneurs, psychologists, and other humans who seem to have their shit together and are doing interesting and fulfilling things with their lives.

This journey is not only for people who have already made or are making good money – it is for everyone who has a sense that true wealth is more than just the accumulation of money.

Wealthwoke content will range from text, to podcasts, to video and will include a forum for discussion on each topic on the site and on social media platforms. The wealthwoke community will also have the opportunity to raise issues and topics to be explored.

Alright then – Welcome to Wealthwoke!!!


Elian Wiener

After growing up in a small dustbowl town, I obtained an honours degree in finance and investment, worked as an asset consultant, financial journalist and corporate communications consultant, started and sold one of the country’s largest PR agencies, got married and divorced, and married again, had two beautiful daughters and fought valiantly (if not always successfully) to dominate the tennis world. Despite these efforts, my greatest journey is still before me – the journey to becoming truly Wealthwoke.

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