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Of Money And Mindfulness

Of Money and Mindfulness

Elian Wiener

After growing up in a small dustbowl town, I obtained an honours degree in finance and investment, worked as an asset consultant, financial journalist and corporate communications consultant, started and sold one of the country’s largest PR agencies, got married and divorced, and married again, had two beautiful daughters and fought valiantly (if not always successfully) to dominate the tennis world. Despite these efforts, my greatest journey is still before me – the journey to becoming truly Wealthwoke.

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  1. Dear Elian, I was listing to you on Cape Talk radio interview & must congratulate & thank you for sharing some of personal life experiences.Immediately I was relating to so many issues in my own life ie, the 7 pillars of wealth/one personal journey, that I wanted to know & hear more. Your thoughts on investments was similar to what I am experiencing right now, but as I am but a novice at that & it sometimes takes a leap of faith to progress further. I certainly would like to get additional information on the 7 pillars of wealth, but right now as i am dealing with investment matters, I certainly would like some to discuss my situation more openly, if possible & would like further informatiknow how to link up

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words. Let me know which issues you would find most useful and I will explore these in future articles or podcasts

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