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Welcome to Wealthwoke

Wealthwoke is a community of people who are on a quest to redefine their concept of wealth and relationships with money. On this journey, we explore the growing realization that there are several dimensions of wealth including financial, physical, spiritual, career, relationship and community.

I invite you to join us on this journey, where you will find insights and inspiration on issues ranging from investing to purpose to lifestyle.

Elian Wiener – Founder of Wealthwoke

Video: Artificial intelligence – what investors need to know

Paul Cartmel, CEO of Atura, on how AI is changing the way we invest
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If you don’t want to cry – you must diversify

The difference in performance of local vs offshore in quarter 2 highlights importance of diversification
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Video: Vanessa Sandes on reinventing yourself

Wealthwoke interview Vanessa Sandes - actress, model, businesswoman, mom - about reinventing yourself
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I had a “mid-life crisis” – and it was beautiful

My personal story of a mid-life reawakening
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Home Insurance: Tips from an industry insider (video)

Episode 2 in our 3-part series on insurance looks at mistakes to avoid and how to save money when it comes to home insurance.
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SA investors can insure against a “Steinhoff” event

SA startup offers cover to shareholders from loss caused by allegations of management fraud
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Motor Insurance: Tips from an insurance insider

Christelle Colman of Elite Risk Acceptances dishes on mistakes to avoid and how to save money.
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The biggest investment decision of your life

Wealthwoke poll reveals surprising results about how much South Africans invest offshore
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