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Welcome to Wealthwoke

Wealthwoke is a community of people who are on a quest to redefine their concept of wealth and relationships with money. On this journey, we explore the growing realization that there are several dimensions of wealth including financial, physical, spiritual, career, relationship and community.

I invite you to join us on this journey, where you will find insights and inspiration on issues ranging from investing to purpose to lifestyle.

Elian Wiener – Founder of Wealthwoke

Don’t get burned by the FIRE

There are some serious concerns for those taking the FIRE movement to extremes
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What is more precious than money?

We are so socially conditioned to focus on how much money something will cost or earn us, that we often forget that there is a much more precious measure of value
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We need to stop CEO fat cats drinking from our trough

CEOs of the top 10 companies on the JSE earn 100x more than the average South African worker.
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Talking blockchain, cryptos and the world of tomorrow

Interview with Riccardo Spagni - Lead maintainer of the Monero project and co-founder of Tari
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A man walks into a bank…

Visiting your bank ain't what it used to be....
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Exclusive: SA investors lose millions in cryptocurrency scheme gone sour

Number of high profile business people lose north of $20 000 each in ICO of J8T tokens launched by the JET8 Foundation.
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4 great business lessons….. from a ten year old!!!

When my daughter told me she wanted to start a slime business, I thought it was a teachable moment. Little did I know she would be doing the teaching.
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Getting honest about giving back

Call me crazy but it seems like a good idea to make optimal use of our specific skills set when it comes to giving of your time.
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